• Scientific Name:- Mangifera indica
  • Family:- Anacardiaceae
  • Origin Place:- Indo-Burma Region
  • India is the largest producer and exporter of mangoes.
  • Mango is the national fruit of India.
  • Top 5 Mango Producer States:- [2009-10]
  1. Uttar Pradesh (26.33%)
  2. Andhra Pradesh (18.6 %)
  3. Karnataka (12.58%)
  4. Bihar (6.55%)
  5. Gujarat (6.32%)
  • The commercial way of mango broadcasting is Binear Grafting, House Bees playing an important role in it.



  • Developed @ IARI, Delhi
  • Plants of these variety are dwarf.
  • Carotene is present in excess amount.
  • This variety is good for intense farming, upto 1600 plants/hectare could be planted.
  • Developed @ IARI, Delhi
  • Affected by “Mango malfunction” (गुच्छा)


  • SINDHU:-
  • This is a new variety developed by Maharashtra [Ratna x Alfanso]
  • In this variety seed is not found.


  • This is a off-season variety, but regularly grown in June-July.


  • LANGRA:-
  • Contains Vitamin C in adequate amount.
  • Famous in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.


  • NILAM:-
  • This variety ripens quickly.
  • In South India, this variety fruits twice a year.


  • Amrapali x Vanraj



  • Export Variety of India:- Hapus, Alfanso, Kesar, Gulabkhas
  • The Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu sees 2 Harvest of Mangoes.
  • Venezuela has the highest productivity of mangoes in the world but India holds 1st position in mango production with a share of 39% of World’s production.
  • Common disease in mango production are Mango Malformation and Spongy Tissue. Alternate Bearing is also found.
  • Mealy Bug is main harmful insect.
  • Mango has internal tissue damage due to deficiency of Boron.

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