IBPS (AFO)-2013 (Memory Based)

Who is chairman of NABARD ?  Harsh kumar Bhanwala
Largest fish producing state in India  A.P (2011-12)
Soil and water tolerant crop
Spacing of Chickpea 30*10
Total number of KVKs in India  641 (current)
Pig breed famous for meat and giving babies:- white yarksharyar
Egg’s color depends upon:- Jantophil
For best chicken, hen’s breed is – white leghorn
Central sheep and wool institute is in- Ambika nagar
C:N ratio of normal soil:- 10-12:1
Yellow spot in citrus is due to :- Mo
Total available nutrient to plants:- 17
Seed rate of pure mustard class crop 5-6 kg/haBottom of Form
N requirement for tobacco 30-40 kg/ha
Highest coffe producing state Karnataka
Downy Meldew of Maize Fungus
Buttoning in Cauliflower Nitrogen
Highest Calcium found in Litichi
Sod-Culture is related to Grass
For larger size seed which implement is used Planter
Central Soil & Water Conser. Reas. & Trai. Inst. Is at Dehradun
Ground water level is measured by Pizometer
Seed rate of Tomato 400-500 g/ha
National commission on Farmers (N.C.F) is started 2004
“Pusa Sanyog” is the variety of Cucumber
Shattering process is related to Soyabean
Highest soil Salinity tolerant crop Barely
Test weight of Groundnut 200-300 gm
Maximum area of Fruit Mango
Cholaee(चोलाई) is the weed of Bajra, Jawar, Maize
Tilt angle of Disc plough 15-25


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