Banana,Papaya,Guava & Citrus fruits


  • Scientific Name:- Musa paradisiacal
  • Family:- Musaceace
  • Origin Place:- South Eastern Asia
  • India holds 1st position in Banana production in world followed by Brazil and China
  • Banana contains 27% carbohydrate alongwith Vitamin A,B,C.
  • In India, Tamilnadu holds 1st rank in banana production followed by Maharashtra & Gujarat [2011-12]
  • Most of the varieties of banana are triploid.
  • In Northern India, banana is sowed in Rainy season while in Malabar it is sowed in September-October.
  • Vegetative Parthenocarpy is present in banana.
  • Main Varieties:- Puwan, Barsai, Nendran, White Belchi, Harichaal.
  • Sigatoka is a dangerous disease in banana.
  • Moko is a bacterial disease in banana.
  • Narendra variety of banana is best suitable for making chips.
  • In banana, Panama Mlani disease is spread by fungus.
  • Puwan variety is resistant to this disease.
  • India produces 10Tonnes/hectare of banana.
  • Ethrel is used for artificial ripening of banana. Ethylin gas is produced from Ethrel.
  • Banana is stored for 3 weeks at 13° C temperature and 85-95% humidity.
  • The suitable temperature for ripening of banana is 20° C.


  • Scientific Name:- Cerica papaya
  • Family:- Caricaceae
  • Origin Place:- America
  • India holds 1st position in papaya production followed by Brazil & Nigeria.[2010]
  • In India, Andhra Pradesh tops in papaya production followed by Gujarat & Karnataka.
  • Main Varieties:- Pusa Nanha, Washington, Pusa Majesty, Honeydew, Pusa Joint
  • Pupen is dried milk of papaya.
  • Coimbatore 1 & 2 are famous varieties for Pupen production.
  • For successful farming of these varieties, atleast 10% of plants should be made.

Citrus Fruits

  • Following fruits come under the comes under the category of citrus fruits:-

Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Pummelo, Grape Fruit, Lemon, Lime, Sour Orange, Citron, Sweet Lime.

  • Family:- Rootaceae
  • Origin Place:- Southern Asia
  • India holds 3rd position in citrus fruits production.
  • Orange accounts for 50% of all citrus fruits production.
  • In India, Andhra Pradesh tops in citrus fruits production followed by Maharashtra and Punjab.
  • Vitamin C is found in adequate amount in citrus fruits.
  • Main disease in citrus fruits are “Citrus Canker”.
  • In Nagpur, Oranges are cultivated in Black Soil.


  • Scientific Name:- Seedium guvajava
  • Family:- Myrtaceae
  • Origin:- America
  • It is also known as “Poor Man’s Apple”.
  • India holds 1st position in Guava production.
  • Guava was introduced in India by Spanish people in 16th
  • In India, Maharashtra tops in production followed by Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh . [2011-12].
  • Main Varieties:- Allahabadi Safeda, Lucknow-49(Sardar)
  • Seedless Varieties:- Saharanpur, Nagpur, Behat Coconut
  • Latest Variety :- Lalit
  • In Northern India, Guava flowers 3 times a year.

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