IBPS AFO 2015-Professional Knowledge Question Paper (held on 15/02/2015)

1 Study of Grasses Agrostology
2 Olericulture Vegetables
3 Dapog Method Nursery preparation
4 Critical Irrigation stage for Wheat CRI
5 Vaishali is the variety of Tomato
6 Jwala is the variety of Chilli
7 Pusa kranti is the variety of Brinjal
8 Size of Mould board plough determines
Width of Cut
9 Mulching is Conservative tillage
10 ASPEE is related to Sprayer
11 Tractor working hours 10000 hours
12 High pressure Sprayer Gear pump
13 Red label on fertilizer box indicates
Extremely toxic
14 PLP initiated by NABARD, GOI, RRB
15 Rotavator is involved in which type of tillage Secondary tillage
16 Disc harrow is involved in which kind of tillage Secondary
17 Root-Rot disease related to Groundnut
18 Percentage of clay in sandy loam 0-20%
19 Soyabean root (which type) Deeply-rooted
20 Water loss in air least in Drip irrigation
21 Minimum level of Water erosion Splash irrigation
22 Disc angle of disc plough 42-45
23 Seedless variety of Grapes Thompson
24 Reason for Seed-lessness in fruit Embryo Abortion
25 Zero tillage means Neither primary nor secondary
26 Rinderpest is not a disease of Poultry
27 Minimum Land required for loan 2000 ha
28 Soil with pH less than 3.5 Ultra acidic soil
29 Why puddling is done Conserving moisture by breaking by breaking an impermeable layer
30 Depth of shallow tillge according to the CRIDA 5-6 cm
31 Which is not a micro nutrient Ca
32 Size of coarse sand particle 2mm-0.2mm
33 Crop intensity of wheat-paddy 200%
34 Minor irrigation area 2000 ha
35 Apex body of agricultural marketing NAFED
36 Water conservation is studied under Soil science
37 Power tiller Rotatory implement
38 Farmers not classified on the basis of price, area Ranching
39 Total agriculture sector cost
39 Age at which white leghorn starts laying eggs 5-6 months
40 Plantation system having one tree at the center Quincunx
41 Minimum loss of water Drip irrigation
42 At which temperature milk is stored 4 c
 Note:- Few Questions are missing. Please Share it if any one remembers them. Also comment if you find any contradiction regarding answers.


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  • Please tell me the expected cutoff for Professional knowledge. I am getting 14 according to your answer
    any one please comment

    • anil nagar

      ha ho jayega bhai ag may to
      lasy year cutoff
      ag 9 Q
      eng 8 Q

    • rajveer


    • Rohit

      Sir Plz update answer of one of the que i.e. “VAISHALI” is variety of- BRINJAL not tomato..

      • navaneeth

        vaishali is variety of tomato only not brinjal

  • Sukamal Sarkar

    In 30 number Question: The question is wrong… the question will be depth of shallow tillge according to the CRIDA, the answer is 5-6 cm (ref. Reddi and reddi, 2004).


      Hello Sukamal,
      Thanks, if you remind any of left questions, please share it

      • sagar

        size of fine sand-.05-.1
        study of water harvesting structures comes under which breanch-agronomy,soil science,etc

  • Rohit Wankhade

    What will be cut off for English???

    • sukhram saran


  • Rohit Wankhade

    What will be cut off for English???
    Friend plz share ur solved no of English questions

  • Bro English was too tough according to me maximum cutoff will be 4 in english

  • prabhat kiran

    I think answer of some question is not correct.

    • kon kon sa lag raha hai….. pls reply…. i also have confusion…..

  • Deshraj Singh Suman

    some questions are slightly wrong and answers too……

    • sarath

      Yes some questions were wrong…

  • Anshul Bisht

    How is water conservation studied under farm mechanization

  • anil nagar

    Q pusa jwala is a variety
    Q percent of sand in sandy soil

  • 38 ka answer rainfed farming hoga.

    Any idea about english cutoff

    • sarath

      Ranching is correct

  • Ritesh, kya general ka cutoff 4 hoga?

  • Ya khusboo… maine pichli baar bi IBPS diya tha uss ke hisab se paper kafi tough than …. 100% sure that it will not gone more than 4.

  • @Anshul … yaar hum to farm machanization maare hai…. aur koi option sahi nahi lag raha tha isiliye…. mere hisab se yahi ans sahi hai….

    • Anshul Bisht

      I don’t think so there is no mention of water management in farm mechanization.

  • sarath

    24.seed-lessness in fruits is due to Parthenocarpy.

    Overall the difficulty level of paper is moderate.

    PK questions were easy ( My attempts 40 – among which 8 questions were wrong)

    In English Comprehension was difficult apart from it Replacement or Combining sentence is a new pattern and little bit time taking, rest are ok. ( my attempts 32 – 80 percent accuracy)

    Reasoning section was easy with 35 easy questions except one puzzle which is time consuming.( My attempts 36 – 95 percent accuracy)

    In Quant there are 20 easy questions and 10 moderate questions.( My attempts 30 – 100 percent accuracy)

    Guys Please share your attempts

    • Nice bro …. tera written pakka qualified…..

      • sarath

        Hope for the best bro…what is ur attempts? And what about agriculture insurance exam?

        • Anshul Bisht

          How much attempts in AIC

          • sarath

            153…reasoning section is very easy and aptitude is time taking attempted only 23 aptitude…pk-40 eng -40 reasoning-50 quant-23


            Hi Sarath,
            Please fill in your attempts details in the survey form we posted on trend analysis page.

        • sagar

          yr i have done very less attempts in agri insurance exam comapare to you.
          reasoning 50 with 95% accuracy
          quants 30 with 95% accuracy
          eng 30 dont know accuracy
          agri 30 with 80% accuracy
          what will happen?i am selected or not?
          my descriptive was very bad.i could attempt only 2 questions

          • sarath

            As the no. of posts are very few there will be tough competition bro.Lets hope for the good.

    • sagar

      have you given aic and if yes share your attepts

  • gaurav limba

    red label….extreamly toxic hoga
    plz check ur ques 13 sir

  • Anshul Bisht

    Yes Red- Extremely toxic and Yellow-Highly Toxic


    Vaishali is the variety of Brinjal not Tomato. I am sure if u have doubt than visit mpkv agriculture website. This Avril. university has released the var. Vaishali for Brinjal. Inspire of this some and as well as ques are wrong which you wrote.

  • Pusa kranthi.brinjal variety.one of d questiond in so 2015 exam

  • Water conversation in agronomy???


    expected cutt off
    for general




        Congratulations Pushap Raj.


          thank u sir…
          its all because of your hard work….
          sir please tell me if i can help you in any way…..
          for the upliftment of this site..
          again thanx sir

          • Divya

            Hello sir can u please tell me the over all cutoff of written examination of IBPS AFO 2015

    • praveen tiwari

      ing 8q

      ye 2015 ka cuoff hai total for gen 58 k as pass kyoki mera portner 59 waiting list me hai abhi bhi

      • satish

        Can u tell me the final cut off if u know

  • satish rajaoriya

    croping intensity of india???????/ ans is non of these in given option
    138 pers.

  • satish rajaoriya

    bhiyo or question to btao kon se aye the ?????
    remaining 10

  • gaurav limba

    ek ques kuch aesa tha
    agri budget kitna cross kr gya 2013-14 k acording…???

  • agri budget 5000 krod cross kr gya

  • devidutta

    Please share us what should be the sectional cutoff marks in all papers.

  • vinit kumar yadav

    7 lakh carore (2013-2014)

    • sarath

      Yes 7 lakh crores is correct…and for this fiscal year it is above 8 lakh crores.

  • vinit kumar yadav

    some questions-
    1. most comercially silk rearing on – mulbary leaf
    2. one tree planted in centre of square of permanent tree- quincunx system

  • Rohit Wankhade

    Expected cutoff for general
    Quanti-abv 10
    Reasoning -abv 10


    This estimation on the basis of my college and university students and thr no of que solved….it may low if vacancies more than last year ….


      Hi Rohit,
      Please ask your friends to fill in the survey form that we are conducting.It will give a better overview if large number of candidates fill this form.

      • fadu launda

        @admin where is the link???

  • ravi


  • satish

    other quesion bhi opload kar do sir???
    confusion dur ho jaye

  • Rohit Wankhade

    Whr is link of survey….???

    What is expected date of result???

  • gaurav limba

    ques 24…Q was that reason of seedlessness in grapes
    I think ans is Parthenocarpy
    ebryo abortion banana me hota h..or grape ka jha tak muje yaad aa rha h parthenocarpy hoga

  • vijay

    Coconut plant took 10 year for good establishment….one ques on it ….

  • umesh

    result kab lagega bhai ???

  • umesh

    overall cutoff kitna tak jayega??? anyone idea

    • pramod singh

      eng.. aur reasoning cut of kya rhegi


    depth of deep ploughing-31-40 cm

  • m k singh

    I think this year questions r very tough except reasoning so cut off a/c to me for gen.
    Reasoning 12
    Math 8
    English 7
    Pk 10
    Overall cut off 35-40

    • rohit wankhade

      i think its to high u thouth about english bcoze english was not so easy to get 14 attempts for 7 marks ……
      remembr bro half mark for 1 que. or bki sab result k bad pata chal jayega

  • yogesh omprakash ghan

    agri budget 7000 crores cross kar gaya ………………….’

    see according to pd issue 2015 6 month issue

  • mahima prasad

    21 correct que is what is d first stage of soil erosion???
    Splash erosion

  • mahima prasad

    Water management practice shud b study under agronomy….nt under soil science

  • SaUrAv JhA

    one question was on agriculture credit budget 2013-14

  • SaUrAv JhA

    expected cutoff
    QUANT -9
    OVERALL 40-42

    • Ravi yadav

      expected cut
      QUANT- 10-11
      REASONING- 10
      ENGLISH- 4-5
      PROFESSINAL – 20
      OVERALL – 55

  • priya

    sir.,what cut of for obc in all subject?

  • Abhisht Kumar gaur

    I think cutoff for GEN will be 50

  • Rupinder pal

    baki toh sabhi ne kr liya hogi english pe hi sab depend hoyega

  • sarath

    Centre raised farm credit target to 8.5 lakh crores for 2015-16.

    Centrally assisted state plan for agriculture, which includes major schemes to boost

    production and productivity like the RKVY and NFSM, saw the allocation dropping from

    Rs.14,173 crore in 2014-15 to Rs.9,000 crore in 2015-16.

    5300 crores allocated for PMKSY, watershed and micro irrigation development.

    • rupinder pal

      congrats to all who has been shortlisted for interview and all the best for those who has not…

  • rupinder pal

    tell me some thing about interview prepration

  • Dvivind

    Hi friends whats your result status of afo 2015

    I’m selected for interview

    • bikramjit

      what is the cutoff for agricultural field officer 2015

    • praveen mishra

      hey bro …. tell me something about preparation of AFO … suitable coaching institute .. etc.

      • this website is realy uesful .. but it is dormant since feb 2015
        plz upload a recent posts like materials,questions ,moke tests .
        we are expected to active….

  • aman jaiswal

    Plz suggest some books or online matetial for agri section


  • rajesh

    Sir mujhe koi book bta do only agriculture ki teyri k liye jo afo syllabus k according ho

  • Tarun kumar

    Coconut reach production which year

  • Tarun kumar

    Thompson variety which crop

    • prasuna


  • maha

    tell me ibps so five vacancy compare than previous year high or low??

  • Sadashiv Deore

    Zoro tillage is secondary tillage.

    • prasuna

      neither primary nor secondary tillage…..

  • Dinesh

    Queen of flowers

  • Dinesh

    Queen of flowers?
    Nd king of flowers?
    Plzz guide me im confused in these 2 questions

  • kalyan

    what is last year agricultural specialist officers cut off

  • deepa

    Pls give full material of pk pls sir

  • L B Gnagwar

    How much questions should be attend (minimum) for AFO…

  • Hii friends. What will be the expected cuttoff for ibps a.o 2016 for obc and sc candidate

  • Vijay Korade

    2016 ka cutoff kitna aayega sir… Plzz tell immediately

  • shubhanshu singh

    sir can u provide some other subject question like english maths n reasoning

  • Debika Roy

    milk fever in cow due to- calcium

  • Vishwajeet Sharma


  • Himanshu

    any expected question sof agriculture this year

  • Mubeena Sultana

    Excellent efforts by KRISHI GYAN lv this site…plz upload 2016 paper

  • merlin

    plz.. upload 2016 ibps afo paper.. and also agri current affairs

  • Sandeep Mandale

    Thanks for informatio

  • Ankit Mehta

    This is really helpful…
    keep doing the good work