IBPS SO- AFO (2015) [Professional Knowledge] Memory Based Questions

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IBPS SO- AFO (2013) [Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English] Memory Based Questions,



IBPS SO- AFO (2013) [Professional Knowledge] Memory Based Questions, Click here..



Largest fruit producing state of India : Maharastra
Yellow colour of soil due to: Silica
Black colour soil rich in: Calciumcarbonate,Mg, Potash
Best milk yeilding indian variety: Sahiwal
Best wool yielding sheep: Marino (Spain)
What is the colored seedless variety of grapes: Sharad seedless
Relative humidity measured by Psychrometer
What is the seed rate of winter pigeon pea: 20-25 kg/ha
Which crop can grow in low oxygen or more water in soil…… paddy
Which crop has shallow root crop…. Onion
Crop period mismatch… Barseem 200days
NAIS developed in : – 1999
What is the Balanced NPK ratio.. 4:2:1
Which crop is sensitive for saline soil… Potato
Which crop can grow in saline soil… sweet potato
Red soil has Poor drainage capacity
Which type of farming adopted in hilly area…. contour farming
Internal seed born disease- loose smut
Seed treatment for loose smut….. Carboxin
What are Forete and Aldicarb…. Systemic Poison
To make sandy soil compact….. Conserve water
Symbiosis done…. Rhizobium
plant part use frequent in production…. Explan
Spacing for sunflower…. 30*15
Which variety is not native of USA, poultry breed….. Rhode Island Red
Where CFMT & TI situated… Budni, Bhopal
What is the carbon content in Humus…. 58%
What is the water use efficiency in Drip irrigation…. 90%
What is the nitrogen content in Vermicompost….. 3%
What is the isolation distance in cotton foundation seeds… 50m
Which of the following is non Environmental physical characteristics of soil….. Ph
PH for availability of Ca and Mg: 7.5 to 8.5
What is the cropping intensity in India….. 137%
Brown color of soil is due to….. Organic matter and MnO2
Mismatch of breed and Fat %…… HF cow
Which of the following are used in secondary tillage… Harrowing
Indian agri. contribution in world trade … around 1%
Red color of soil……. Iron oxide
Rainy maize… Mid june to mid july
Seed rate of winter pegion pea… 12-15 kg
Spacing Kabuli chana… 30*15 cm


Some questions related to variety…irrigation crop wise and sandy sandy soil……

Methyl bromide, Phosphin…Fumigan




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