Tips & Tricks for IBPS-PO & SO(Aptitude Section)



Try to convert percentage into fraction:-Some important are given below

50%=1/2 16.66%= 1/6
66.66%= 2/3 25%= ¼
75%= 3/4 20%= 1/5
40%= 2/5 60%= 3/5
33.33%=1/3 83.33%= 5/6

Condition 1st :- If a is increased by p% then we have to decrease it by (p/(p+100)×100)% to get the value

E.G if kamal has 33.33% more pencil than shyam then by how much shyam has less pencil than kamal

Sloution : 33.33%= 1/3, kamal>shyam by 1/3 so shyam<kamal by 1/1+3= ¼ = 25%


Condition 2nd:- if kamal has 25% less pencil than shyam then by how much shyam has more pencil than kamal.

Solution: 25%= ¼, kamal<shyam by 1/4 so shyam>kamal by 1/4-1=1/3= 33.33%


Q: If a is greater than b by 25% then find the value of b

Solution: Generally students do: b×25%=b/4, then




But shortcut is b is 1/(1+4) less than a

so b is 1/5 means 20% less than a

means 80% of a= b



Q: if we have to calculate 21% of 2547

simply do following steps

(20+1)% means first find 20% & then 1% (it makes solution very easy)

20% of 2547= 509.4…………i

1% of 2547= 25.47……………..ii

Now i+ii = 534.87

same thing can be done with 29=30-1 etc…




Q: If A:B=1:2,B:C=2:5,C:D=2:3 AND D:E=1:3, FIND A:E.

Solution: A:B=1:2




A:B:C:D:E=1×2×2×1 : 2×2×2×1 : 2×5×2×1 : 2×5×3×1 : 2×5×3×3 (see the pattern)

So, A:E=1×2×2×1:2×5×3×3 =4:90


Partnership problem can easily solved by ratio

E.G:- P started some business with Rs.6000. After 3months B joined him with 2000 and after some more time R joined them with 5000.At the end of the year total profit of 2500, R gets 1500. After how many R join w.r.t to P

Solution: Share of P:Q:R=6000×12:2000×10:5000×x=72:2:5x (multiplying share with working months)

So, 5x:74+5X=500:2500





Means R joins after 8 months(approx.)

Note:- you can also try Age problems on this basis.


Well, this is the most important section throughout the aptitude section

For DI you need to practice

  1. Division rule
  2. Percentage
  3. Ratio

Percentage and Ratio is already discussed so next one is Division tricks.


Q:- If 782/985

Solution:- Step 1:- Let 782 be 800 and 985 be 1000

So, 800/1000= 0.8

Step 2:– 985 is 15 less than 1000(always take denominator)

Step 3:-so multiply 15 to 0.8= 15*0.8= 12

Step 4:– add 12 to 782=782+12=794

Step 5:- divide 794 to 1000=794/1000= 0.794

If percentage is asked then it will be 79.4

You can do it with another eample

Q:- If 416/816

Solution:- Step 1:– Let 416 be 500 and 816 to 900

Step 2:– 500/900= 0.5

Step 3:- 816 is 84 less than 900 so 84*0.5= 42

Step 4:– 416+42=458

Step 5:- 458/900=0.508

So in percentage 50.8% (approx)


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  • Awanesh Singh

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      Hello, Awanesh,
      Tell us which portion is disturbing you.

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    Question no 3’s answer is wrong. Right one will be 4a/5.. Recalculate it again.


      Hi Jyoti,
      It was a typing error,it is now corrected.
      Thanks for identifying.

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    Is there any changes in AFO syllabus as po syllabus has changed and made into preliminary n mains so like that any changes in specialist officer exam plz reply me sir


      Hello Prashant,
      There will be no change in pattern of IBPS-SO(V) as written in Notification

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