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  • India is on 2nd position in number of cows & have 1st position in no. of buffalos
  • India position in number of elements:
    • Goat:- 1st
    • Sheep:- 2nd
    • Ducks:- 8th
    • Chickens:- 8th
    • Camel:- 10th
  • 57.8% of world buffaloes are found in India.
  • Share of different animals in milk production in India:-
    • Buffalo:- 51%
    • Cow:- 45%
    • Goat:- 4%
  • Stock Farming:-  Reproduction  of animals
  • Need of Protein:-
    • 11.3 gm/day (in India)
    • 2.9 gm/day (Average of world need)
  • Contribution of livestock ad fisheries sector to agriculture GDP was 29.7 % in 2007

Milk Production(2012-13) No. of Cattle(2007)
 No. of Buffaloes(2007)
 U.P M.P U.P Rajasthan W.B A.P A.P U.P Rajasthan

Animal Wealth Development (पशुधन विकास)

  • For animal development “Key village scheme” is started in first 5-year plan.
  • In 1970:- “National Dairy scheme” & “Indian Dairy Co-orporation” is started
  • First “Military Dairy Farm” is started in 1889 by Britishers.
  • Now there are seven reproduction farm in India.
    1. Suratgadh (Rajasthan)
    2. Sunbeda (Orissa)
    3. Haisarghatta (karnataka)
    4. Andeshnagar (U.P)
    5. Chiplima (Orissa)
    6. Ghamror (Gujrat)
    7. Almadi (Tamilnadu)
  • Milk need:- 226 gm/day/person

Cow Breeds

  •  There are 27 breeds of Cow.
  • According to need cows are divide into:-
    • Milch
    • Draught
    • Dual purpose
  • Dual purpose cows are upbringing for milk & active Calfs.
  • Heaviest breed of Cow is “kankrej”
  • Only Iceland channel’s cow milk is better than Indian cows among European Cows.
  • “Holeistin Frieziyan” breed cow produce most milk than any other cow breed
  • Foreingn’s cow gives 4 times more milk than Indian cows but have less fat & fat contain solid materials.
  • “Garnshi” cow’s milk contain 5% of fat.
  • “Jarsindh” is best suited foreign breed cow for Indian climate.
  • “Tharpakar” breed of cows are in Rajasthan’s border places.

 BreedType Sahiwal Milch Dual Purpose Hariyana Draught Draugh

  • Development of Draught & fast runner breeds:-

 Malwi Mid-India Hallikar & Kangayam South-India GaoLao & Khillari Maratha


 Highest cow Stock(2011)
 Cow milk production (2011)
 Cow milk production (2012-13)
 Brazil USA Tamil Nadu India China U.P USA Rajasthan

 Buffalo Breeds:-

  • Indian Buffaloes are called “Water Buffalo” and their zein is called “Buwelas”
  • Foreign Buffaloes are called “Swamp Buffalo” and their zien is called “Sinsairas”
  • Some important Buffalo breeds:
    • Murrah
    • Bhadawari
    • Zafaravadi
    • Mehsana
    • Tarai
    • Surati
    • Nagpuri
  • Marshy buffalo’s (दलदली) breeds are found in South-East Asia.
  • “Muraah” is the most milk giving breed buffalo in India.
  • Highest “Fat percentage” contain (12-14%) buffalo breed is “Bhadawari”
  • “Central Buffalo Institute” is established in Hisar.
  • In 2009 ICAR made a clone of Buffalo calf which is died of Pneumonia.
  • “Garima”
    • Second cloned Buffalo calf breed.
    • By Hand Guided cloning Technique.
    • By :NDRI karnal” in 6 june 2009.

 Buffalo milk produciton (2012)
Buffalo Stock (2011) Buffalo milk production
 U.P India India A.P Pakistan Pakistan Rajasthan China China

How to calculate Animal’s Age:-

  1. By seeing “rings of horns”:-
    • one ring is added after the first 2 year.
  2. By seeing Tooths