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Cereal Crops

Those Gramini class crops which are produced to get kernel. These are stable food.


  1. Major cereals :- Wheat, rice, barley
  2. Millets/ Minor cereals:- Maize, jowar, bajra, मंडुआ
  3.  Smaller Millets:- रागी, कोंदो, काकुन, etc


Top cereals production                                 Top agriculture products import

(2011)                                                                              (2011)

China                                                                                      USA

U.S.A                                                                                  Germany

India                                                                                      Japan


Top Agriculture product export                  Top cereals production states

USA                                                                                               U.P

Netherland                                                                              Punjab

Germany                                                                                     M.P

France                                                                                   Rajasthan


Important Points

  1. For diabetes:- मंडुआ
  2. Cereals production first started in new stone age
  3. 3% of cereals cropping system is irrigated means 60 million hacatre.
  4. Percentage of irrigated land of different crops
    1.  Rice-91.3%
    2. Wheat-58.3%
    3. Oil seeds- 27.1%

Different facts regarding Cereal Production


  • Following are the newly varieties of crops :-
  1. Maize:- Pratap (Composite), Pusa ali, Sankar-5, Deccan sankar-115, Pragati, Pratap Miaze-1 (hybrid), Vivek Maize-II(hybrid), Girja sardhamani(Compostie)
  2. Sorghum:- D.S.H-4 (Rabi, hybrid)
  3. Bajra:- G.HB-577, R.H.B-127 & P.B-180(hybrid, summer season)
  • Finger Millet (रागी) production is more in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Uttrakhand.
  • In cereal crops kernels are matured if they are 40%-60% more weight than dry weight.
  • During battering(कुटाई) there should be 10%-12% of moisture in paddy.
  • For cereal preservation “plywood bukhari”, “Coal tar bin”,”polythinbin of hapurbin” was preferred.
  • “Kaveri Ghat” is known as the store of cereals of south India.


  • Diseases                            Lack of

White bud in maize                 zinc

Khaira in paddy                        zinc

Jowar’s poisoness                      HCNC Dhuruin/puric acid

Reclamation in paddy            Copper


  • Cereal production

States: (2011-12)- Rajasthan>Karnataka>Maharashtra

  • Millets production

Country (2011) – India> Niger> Mali


Barely Production


States                                      Country

(2011-12)                                (2012)


Rajasthan                                   Russia

U.P                                              France

Haryana                                    Germany