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Maize Production & Area


  • In maize kernels
  1. Carbohydrates- 79%
  2. Protein- 5%
  • Fat- 5%
  1. Ash- 2%

*Maize is a C4 crop

  • In cereal crops Maize is the crop used for Bio-Diesel production.
  • Maize is originated/genesis from “Pie corn”
  • Maize is all seasoned crop.
  • But in Zaid it is grown for “fodder”.
  • Its cultivation is started in 15th
  • In Kharif Maize is sown in June.
  • Points:
  1. Maize is a “Hermaphrodite crop”(उभयलिंगी)
  2. It is self pollinated crop.
  • The male inflorescence is called “Tassel” & removal tassel from plant is called Detasseling.
  1. Style is long filament like structure called “Silk”.
  2. India is on 7th position in maize production
  • Maize protein is called “zein.”.
  • There is lack of Tryptophane & Lysine.
  • Critical stages of growth of maize
  1. Germination
  2. Tee high
  • Tasseling stage
  • For irrigation:- from “Tasseling” to “Silking” maize require moisture.



Production                                                                             Area

(2012)                                                                          (2011)              (2008)

Country          State                                               Country          State

U.S.A              Karnataka                                            U.S.A              Karnataka

China               A.P                                                         China               A.P












     Production                                                                                 Area

(2011)              (2012)                                                           (2010)              (2007)

Country          State                                                              Country          State

India                Maharashtra                                                      Nigeria                 Maharashtra

Nigeria             Karnataka                                                        India                   Karnataka

Ethiopia          M.P                                                                 America                    A.P


Millets (Bajra)


  • It has maximum capacity to tolerate drought among all cereals and millets.
  • It is very sensitive to water logging.
  • Among Cereals Millets (Bajra) has maximum percentage of salt & Minerals.


Production                                                     Area

(2009)              (2012)                                (2006)

Country          Sates                                      State

Nigeria            Rajasthan                                Rajasthan

India                U.P                                          Maharashtra

Niger               Gujarat                                      U.P