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Important points of Rice 

  • 2n=24
  • Family- Gramini
  • Scientific name- Oryza sativa
  • Self pollinated crop
  • June-July (sowing time)
  • Requirement of Nitrogen-80-120 kg/ha, Phosphorus- 40-60 kg/ha, Potash- 40-50 kg/ha
  • Azolla and blue green algae are used in paddy crop to complete their requirement of nitrogen as green manure
  • For straight swing seed rate-75-100 kg/ha
  • For transplanting – 23-30 kg
  • Averae production of paddy – 22.4 quintal/ha
  • Propanil (stem-34), Butachlor(Mahette and flue chloralin (basilin) are main weedicides for paddy
  • Critical stages for water:
  1. Booting stage :most critical stage
  2. Tillering stage: 0-20 days
  • Primordia growth to flowering stage – 40-60 days

In all the step water logging should be 5cm from the field surface.

  • Hybrid rice
  1. China firstly produced hybrid rice at the end of 1970.
  2. After it India distributed 5sets of hybrid variety in 1994- APRH1, APRH2, KRH1, MGR1 by A.P, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu
  • After two years three another variety- CNRH1, KRH 3 & DRRH 1 distributed by W.B &A.p.
  1. Only PHB 71 is hybrid variety developed by private institution.
  • Dapong Method
  1. This method is popular in Philippines & Japan.
  2. Seedling are ready for transplanting in 12th day.
  • Germinated seeds are spread on the wooden plank or concrete sheet covered  polythene sheet at 1.5kg/mor 50 times more than the test weight.
  1. Seeding from 1m2 from this method is enough for 200 mfield transplanting
  2. In this method 2.5 times more seeds are needed than any other method
  3. Paddy rom this method shows flower before 4 days.
  • Transplanting
  1. Idle age-maximum 4 leaves minimum 3
  2. Kharif- 20-30 days seedlings- 20*15cm
  • Rabi- 30-35 days seedlings-15*15 cm
  1. Puddling is done in rice field to reduce water leakage.
  • System of Rice Intensification (श्री विधि)
  1. In this method seedlings are sowed aone by one only one at a place instead of sowing many seedlings at one place, it gives more product & damage to environment is also less.
  2. Sumant kumar from Bihar broke the record of China for maximum paddy production. He produced 22.4 ton/hac of paddy.
  • Content of (in rice) protein-6-7%, Carbohydrate-76%, fat and other minerals-1.1%
  • Paddy is on top of the cereals crops in production and area in the world.
  • Paddy has 32% of agriculture land in India
  • It grow 21.6% of total paddy production of the world & has 2nd position
  • UNO celebrates 2004 as international rice year.
  • In W.B and Tamil Nadu, rice are grown in three season.
  1. आस – sept-oct
  2. अमन – winter
  • बोरो – summer
  • In India the first dwarf variety of rice developed is Jaya by Agriculture directorate
  • Main varities of paddy- Saket, Govind, Kaveri, Ratna, Jaya, Sarju, Mahsuri, Pusa-33, Bala, Lunashree
  • Central Rice Institute of(Cuttak, Odisha) has developed more production giving variety called Lunashree.
  • New varieties of Paddy- Dhansri, RH-204(hybrid variety- 6-6.5tonn/ha), GR-8, Dandi Shah Sarang, Gauri, Sweta, bhudev, varsha, Pantdhann-15, Chingam, dhanu etc
  • Japan has developed a rice variety which has vaccine of Haija (हैजा).
  • Maximum paddy area in world is in India.
  • Golden rice has maximum vitamin A.
  • Generally while washing rice, vitamin B, Thymin get vanish and so as polished rice. Eating this rice causes Beri-Beri.
  • High quality rice is developed by IARI in recent year- Pusa-1460 & 1401
  • Pusa 1460 is world’s first superfine cereal.
  • Pusa basmati-1121 has total contribution of 75% in basmati rice export in India.
  • New variety Kohsar is developed on 6 Nov,2011 for top region in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • ICAR has developed Pusa-1509 on 19 feb, 2012. This variety is resistant to disease bakani (बकानी), rest all its characteristics is like Pusa-1121.


Paddy Production                                                                      Paddy area

           (2012)                                                                          (2011)              (2006-07)

Country          State(India)                                                    country           state

China               W.B                                                                             India                W.B

India                U.P                                                                               China               Odisha

Indonesia        A.P                                                                              Indonesia       A.P



Paddy productivity                                                               Paddy Import

(2008-09)        (2006-07)                                                        (2012)

Country          State                                                                      India

Egypt              Punjab                                                                        Vietnam

USA                Tamil Nadu                                                                  Thailand

Korea              A.P                                                                               Pakistan