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Important Points on Wheat

  • Triticum aestivum
  • Class :- Gramini
  • 2n=42
  • Indian wheat variety- Triticum aestivum & T. Sphaerococcum. These varieties found in Mohanjodro culture.
  • At present T. Aestivum wheat is grown in all over India.
  1. This variety is developed by Dr. Norman E. Bourlog in Mexico.
  • First Japan taken out the dwarfing gene from Norin series wheat which is “Norin-10”.
  • First in 1967 with the help of American “Rofellar Fooundation” India imported 100 kgs of Mexican wheat like Sonora 64, Sonora 63 & Lerma Rojo.
  1. IARI bought five varieties- Lerma rojo 64-A, S-63, Sonora-64, Mauo-64 & S-227.
  2. In 1965-66 Lerma Rojob64-A – Single gene dwarf variety, & Sonora-64 – Double gene dwarf variety has been imported from CIMMYT.
  • In 1965 these varieties has been distributed which effects ‘Green Revoulution” in India in wheat production.
  • Macroni Wheat (T. Durum)
  1. Used in Non-irrigated condition
  2. Suji is made from it.
  • Also called Hard Wheat.
  1. Grown in M.P, some parts in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Karnataka.
  • Wheat are grown in Oct-Nov and in dec , it is grown according to variety.
  • Seed rate:-100 kg/ha,
  1. By dibbler technique seed rate – 20-30 kg/ha
  2. Zero tillage fertilizer seed drill are used for sowing wheat.
  • Nitrogen -100-120 kg/ha, phosphorus- 50-60 kg/ha, potash- 40-50kg/ha
  • Phalaris minor is so called as Gehu Ka Mama is a weed.
  1. Isoproturone is used for this weed.
  • In wheat
  1. Protein – 8-15%
  2. Carbohydrates – 1.5%
  • Fat & Minerals – 2%
  • Glutein is a type of protein in wheat.
  • Vitamin B1,B2,B3 & E is destroyed during grinding of wheat.
  • According in area of production Wheat is in 2nd.
  • 50% of area and 70% of production in country is in rabi season.
  • Wheat is the major role in Green revolution.
  • Critical stages of irrigation of wheat
  1. CRI (crown root initiation)- 21 days after sowing.
  2. Tillering stage
  • Late jointing stage
  1. Flowering stage
  2. Milking stage
  3. Dough stage. (when kernels become tough)

From all of the above stages CRI is the most important stage.

  • New varieties of I.C.A.R-

VL-829, H.S-420, H.S-335, D.W.B-14, N.W-2036, M.P-4010, HI-1500.

  • Points
  1. I.C.A.R scientists have developed new variety of “Pusa Baker” of wheat
  2. This variety is standard for biscuits according to European countries.
  • This variety is useful mainly for hilly regions.


Wheat production                                                                 Wheat productivity

(2012)                          (2012)                                      (2008-09)                    (2008-09)

Country                      State                                              Country                      State

China                           U.P                                                         U.N                             Punjab

India                            Punjab                                                   France                         Haryana

U.S.A                          Haryana                                                    China                           U.P



Wheat areas

(2009-10)                    (2010-11)

Country                      State

India                              U.P

China                             M.P

U.S.A                            Punjab